Independent Specialist

By 2020 linear broadcasting has transitioned very successfully. To develop their next-generation of multi-outlet entertainment services some broadcasters and pay tv operators require a further business transformation. Aligning their legacy linear processes with new digital services to provide new multi-outlet broadcasting requires new production solutions and media operations enabled by new IP technology and PaaS options.

Anything is possible, but where to focus? To achieve this with a positive ROI requires a strategic yet practical view.

Whatever the challenge, our independent approach and unique global experience gets new digital media management projects moving in the right direction. Complementing your in-house team with an objective outside view.

To scale up new digital media services whilst reducing costs, there are now a bewildering range of technology options. By aligning the existing core linear activities in programme production and acquisition, through media and channel planning to media operations and practical mam technology implementation we help our clients innovate their media services and improve quality whilst reducing costs.

Over the last 5 years Broadcast Innovation has been on the frontline with media and technology strategy, practical requirements prioritisation, RFP management and media project programme delivery in the following areas:

  • Establishing an objective ROI for new technology investment in mam, news and sports
  • Integrating advertising sales, media aquisitions and channel planning activities with production, post, promos and play out operations
  • Improving media inventory management and financial planning
  • Consolidating linear media operations in Broadcast and Catch Up with new VOD and OTT services.
  • Increasing creativity and collaboration in programme making, news and sports
  • Developing Digital Media Services as the PPG and content discovery replaces the EPG
  • Improving workflow for Media Logistics, Validation and QC, Rich Metadata, Access Services and Subtitling
  • Integrating Promotions workflow for broadcast and non linear
  • Improving the productivity and accuracy in content packaging and rich metadata
  • Dramatically reducing the unit costs of packaging, streaming and delivery for distribution.
Optimal media planning and management throughout the business requires the ongoing review and refinement of workflow orchestration and desktop workflow. And it requires successful multi-vendor technology implementation. Many of our customers do not always have enough capacity or experience to do this in-house. Broadcast Innovation complements your in-house capabilities and technology suppliers in the following areas:

MAM Solutions Architecture

Media management should integrate business planning, desktop operations and technology integration using improved workflow and durable systems integration. Carefully balancing operations and users with software integration and technology.

Technology Strategy

Specialist in scheduling, MAM, channel-in-a-box and on screen graphics. Preparing RFP’s and helping to objectively evaluate key use cases, technology decisions and real performance criteria to deliver long term operational improvements.

IT Broadcast Workflow

Continuous workflow refinement post installation is now the mainstay of most successful enterprise broadcast mam projects. This is where Broadcast Innovation’s independent view can really help. Working impartially alongside the users, departmental managers and technology suppliers we can help identify efficiencies and prioritise where better software integration and media management will help most effectively.

Media Logistics

From acquisition and production to scheduling, play and distribution out it’s crucial to take an end to end view on how content and metadata progresses towards distribution. MAM systems should be implemented to improve search and dramatically improve multi-format content throughput.

Project Communications

Our unique approach complements technology lead project management by focussing on internal project communications and continuous supplier liaison. Keeping new technology implementation and media operations transformation carefully aligned ensures project success.