Broadcast Innovation’s work is often confidential so many thanks to the following clients who have offered their insight on working with us

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Mediasmiths logo “At Mediasmiths we engaged Broadcast Innovation for Russell’s expertise in the Tx supply chain, and for his creativity to help us develop better value propositions for our ownservices. The good bit about Russ is that he can see well beyond the traditional broadcast world…”

Niall Duffy Managing Director at MediaSmiths


SBS Networks

“Having such experienced and objective outside help really works when everyone has such busy day jobs. Keeping the programme moving at the right pace, and informing everyone across the business of progress is crucial when multiple departments in other countries are involved.  To get everyone, including suppliers, heading in same direction with your broadcast IT project I would recommend working with Broadcast Innovation”.

Jacob Mueller Head of Operations at SBS Broadcasting Networks


TSL logo“Russ is focussed and very easy to work with, using collaborative tools for open communication throughout the assignment. He has up to date knowledge of the real needs of many broadcasters around the globe and is quick to extend his network, gaining access to key decision makers. Russ is good at listening and in formulating strong ideas based on new concepts and suggestions.”

David Webber COO at TSL


First Person Media

“Developing value is just as hard as developing technology and Russ  has a rare skill in putting it all together. And unique market knowledge in the media technology space. By recognising that ibs helps broadcasters and content owners to be “The First Person to reach their audience” BI helped us develop a killer value proposition”.

Daniel Mueller Founder and CTO at First Person Media