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If your organisation’s media planning and media management systems are not delivering the digital services, efficiency or scalability the business requires then independent specialist assistance from Broadcast Innovation Ltd could make all the difference.

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About Us

Broadcast Innovation Ltd is an established independent advisor specialising in broadcast media management strategy, solutions and media business transformation.  The company works with international broadcasters, global media companies and media service providers to help them more rapidly innovate in all areas of broadcasting. And to cost effectively realise their ambitions in non-linear production and multi-screen publishing.

With long term success in media management solutions design and workflow improvement in news, live sports, programme making, library, archive, content packaging and play out, Broadcast Innovation provides a unique breadth of experience. We ensure close ongoing cooperation between planning, programme making, media operations and third party technology vendors.  Working closely with senior management, department heads, end users and technology suppliers we provide an objective end-to-end view.

Broadcast Innovation can access a wide range of forward thinking associates throughout the industry to accelerate the prioritisation, scope, planning and delivery of next generation media technology projects. Russell Grute Managing Partner at Broadcast Innovation, has worked with almost every aspect of IT broadcast technology integration for over 20 years. He is an industry thought leader in broadcast and media and specialises, in the allied technologies in channel planning and branding; mam, archive and content transformation. Russell has worked on successful mam driven business transformation projects in Europe, Asia, MENA and Scandinavia.



Value Development

For manufacturers of media and broadcast IT technology, developing a well differentiated value proposition is more challenging then ever before.

Today every user, action and process is part of the media management workflow. Whether its a high performance HD vision mixer, 3D graphics engine, low cost desktop editing software or a cloud based transcoding service, everything is now part of the enterprise. To successfully bring media technology to market and sell it as part of a multi-vendor solution, Broadcast Innovation helps technology developers and manufacturers focus on improving their value proposition and marketing strategy to drive solutions sales success.

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