The competition

What about the competition, who is making the market and who is eating your lunch?

Media technology has always moved fast, and for broadcasters and global media companies gaining a technology advantage is often crucial. The choice of technology solutions to produce, repurpose and publish content is moving faster than ever, with specialist broadcast technology now converged with high power IT and low cost consumer software. With so many overlaps in functionality and in today’s highly integrated world

Broadcast Innovation specialises in media management, automation and channel in a box type video servers. These  technologies now have the potential to play a pivotal role by improving workflow, increasing productivity and enabling new revenue.

It’s just software…

Media technology solutions based increasingly on the latest software can look less expensive, and indeed they should be in the long term. However to benefit from this dramatic improvement in price performance, any successful media technology project needs to be scoped more carefully and objectively than ever before.

Successfully integrating high performance applications such as Apple Final Cut Server or Adobe Creative Suite is a highly skilled endeavour, don’t be fooled by the low price. Broadcast Innovation works with specialist media technology operations consultants and systems integrators to quickly scope the real future requirements before key technology decisions are made.