Independent Specialist

By 2019 linear broadcasting is transitioning very successfully. To develop their next generation multi-outlet entertainment services some broadcasters and pay tv operators still require a further business transformation. Aligning legacy linear processes with new digital services to provide new multi-outlet broadcasting requires new production solutions and media operations enabled by new IP technology and PaaS options.

Anything is possible, but where to focus? To achieve this with a positive ROI requires a strategic yet practical view.

Whatever the challenge, our independent approach and unique global experience gets new digital media management projects moving in the right direction. Complementing your in-house team with an objective outside view.

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Where Next for Broadcasting?

From Linear £’s come Digital Pennies, audiences and subscribers are on the move. New opportunities in internet delivery, OTT and Programmatic Advertising now enable the disruption of established linear business models in broadcast and PayTV. Where and how can broadcasters and media players innovate when audiences are behaving so unpredictably? Strategically and practically where should they focus?

Based on our day-to-day work with media companies around the world Broadcast Innovation is regularly invited to participate in industry thought leadership and events. A few highlights in Where Next for Broadcasting?

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Supplier Services

Based on many years of independent solutions integration in real-world next generation broadcast and media projects, Broadcast Innovation also helps technology developers and manufacturers to dramatically improve their media solutions value proposition and marketing strategy.

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